Love Words

Dec. 5, 2015

“Don't let toxic people infect you with the fear of giving and receiving one of the most powerful forces in this world... LOVE!” 💜

The energy you cereate around you is the enrgy you draw to you. When you are looking to create Love, happiness and increase in your life choose life affirming words, not only foryou, but as the words you speak over those around you. One kind word can change someones day, just as much as a demeaning one can crush a spirit. I am ever shocked/saddened by people in superior positions speaking words to demean and belittle those who look up to them for guidance. A quick way to lose the respect of those who only want to be taken under their wing, learn from their wisdom, and do well in their position. Listen up people... "small" people belittle your ambitions, the truly great make you believe you too can become great! Speak with Love and watch your world blossom!!

We all want the same thing in life, love, respect, acknowledgement, to do well, and a sense of accomplishment. Together we can feed these needs in each other. Remeber, there is blessing in the blessing! Today make it your goal to say something sincere and complimentary to a stranger and watch that blessing take bloom! (as always shower the people you love with love!)

 Don't let others steal your sunshine!! xoxo 

xo ~ Tami