Oct. 19, 2015

"Your eyes are the windows to your soul, keep them open so that everyone knows you are home."
Everyone wants love, intimacy, that undeniable connection to another. It's human nature. Yet sometimes we also subconsciously sabotage the possibility of that connection happening. No one wants to be hurt but it is a part of the process. So, don't run from fear and let it create the thing you want the least, to be alone. Make life lessons solid stepping stones on your path to true love and life fulfillment. Today live above your fear, open your heart to the beauty around you, all the bliss, the connections and opportunity it has for you! In opening your own heart you never know who you may inspire and bless to do the same. (In blessing others the blessing always comes back to you!) Then tomorrow, choose to be open again. It's a practice, and one that can be mastered. Your thoughts create the path for your heart to follow, choose love and happiness. Move past fear, you can do it. Start today. Hold your head high, and accept all the beauty life has for you. It's there, I'm only encouraging you to reach for it. You got this! xo