The Weather is Sizzling, Why isn't Your Love Life?!

Sep. 16, 2015

The Weather is Sizzling! Why isn’t your Love Life?

When you’re single and yearning for that “sizzling” love life, why does it seem that everywhere you look there are couples in Love? You think, “some girls have all the luck, I’ll never be that person!” But, not true! I mean yes, there will always be that flirty adorable girl who seems to have the pick of the town with her ever so contagious laugh, pouty lips and a hair flip that mesmerizes all the men! But the truth is, we all have that ability inside of us, we just need to learn how to tap into it! Want to know the not so covert secrets of the people who seem to have it all and always find “love?”

Love must be something you truly believe in! Yes, that is the simple truth. How can you capture, let alone keep, something you don’t believe in? You can’t! A negative, bitter, and jaded personality is not going to attract a loving open heart. Find out why you’ve built a wall against love and knock it down! You need to change your perception and become the epitome of what you desire! A positive, loving mindset is your best foot forward.

Be kind and caring! There is nothing as charismatic as a person who seems to truly and genuinely care about the people, circumstances and organizations she believes in. True attraction is reflected through the heart of someone who shows kindness and empathy. A person who knows how to show support, ask questions and make a difference.

Don’t be a Doormat! Be the first to know your worth, because that is where others will get their queue’s on how to treat you! Don’t let some wishy~washy fast talker waste your time or drain your emotions. Pay close attention to the signals and signs someone is showing you. Are they focused in on only the physical? Or is this person truly focused on you as a whole. Listen to your intuition, it will always tell you the truth. Don’t paint your Red Flags Green.

Practice The Law of Attraction Remember that you are a magnet for what you attract, what you put out there is drawn back to you! There is a truth in the old adage “misery loves company.” Pursue the things you love! Live, Love, Laugh, Smile, Flirt, Sparkle and be interested and interesting in life. Believe in your happily ever after! (It’s never too late!) 

Be confident  Confidence exudes a strong charismatic power and attracts others who are confident and healthy. (While repelling those who may not be your equal!) Don’t settle for something less than you deserve just because you want love now. Always embrace who you are with love and kindness, even in the times you are without a mate!

Love the body that is you! Again, confidence! Remember, a person is already attracted to you when they ask you out on a date or show interest in getting to know you. Beauty is beyond flesh! However, I believe a healthy body and mind go hand in hand. It’s never too late to start exercising and adding some healthy food options into your diet.

You have what it takes to find true and ever lasting love. Live in the moment, the past is the past, don’t play games and always put your best foot forward. It’s a sad truth, but many times we only get one chance at a first impression. Confidence, kindness, charisma, inner beauty, optimism and a smile are always a great accessory to wear when you are out and about!

I believe in Love and I know it’s just a step away for you! Take that next step, you won’t regret it!

Love~ Tami