Why Matchmaking

Aug. 25, 2015

I often get a big smile and a bit of a nervous giggle when I tell people what I do! However, that is always followed by questions and then a bit of history on the persons dating history and relationships! Much like how one tends to act when they meet a doctor! You know what I mean! "I have this little ache here, do you think it could be..." Lol! I love that my profession stirs thought and interest because in my industry, there is never a dull moment!

One question I always seem to be asked is, "Is matchmaking in your family history?" My answer is, yes! I am Hungarian and we are quite intuitive. Being able to listen to your intuition is a great gift and an awesome one in this business. Learning to know when to trust that intuition is a skill. Matchmaking is a booming business as people are always looking for love and real connections. Humans were created to be in relationship, so it's no surprise that the desire for our service is abundant. If you think about the history of matchmaking, it goes way back. Families used to always introduce their children to their mates (arranged marriages) Shidduch, is what  the Orthodox Jewish communities refer to as matchmaking. A process where singles are introduced to each other for the purpose of marriage. A shadchan is a matchmaker! Most of us always thought that person was called a "yenta!" Right? But, not so! I would step out on a limb and say the term Yenta became popular from the character in Fiddler on The Roof! But 'yenta' doesn't actually mean matchmaker, as I found out. A yenta is actually an older woman that tends to be the nosy, busybody type, not necessarily the best one skilled at matchmaking!  Interesting fact! Matchmaking is a profession that is nearly as old as civilization itself, and has played a important role in the way societies are shaped. Marriage (or the definition of what constitutes a family) is considered by sociologists to be one of the fundamental elements of human culture, so it should be of no surprise that marriage is taken so seriously. Throughout the world, matchmakers have had quite an influence on the way people meet or marry, even going as far as being considered as a sacred or holy position. (At least that is what I have read! I'm not so sure I consider myself at that level, although I love bringing love to people!) Other cultures tie matchmaking in with mythology of sorts, meaning they believe that a  matchmakers knowledge and intuition come from the stars or other deities. I'm Hungarian, and yes I believe I have that "magic." It's a pretty awesome thing to posses!

In Western societies, matchmakers are sometimes considered outdated or restrictive. This is understandable in cultures that don't practice arranged marriages, or where the thought of a third party making important personal decisions seems slightly off. However, the main role of a matchmaker is to connect people – a service that is becoming increasingly more important, more accepted and more sought after in today’s world. As our lives become more and more hectic, and our schedules become more crammed, the opportunity to meet people shrinks therefore greatly reducing the chance of "organically" running into Mr. or Mrs. Right! So, we as Matchmakers may not have mystical powers, but we do have well established relationships and connections with other singles and matchmakers alike, which can greatly facilitate the whole dating process. Also, let's not forget matchmaking is a way of life for us, it's our focus and passion it's a 24/7 calling!  Why wouldn't you trust your heart in the capable hands of a matchmaker who's sole agenda is to bring hearts together?!

If I can help you find your soul mate please don't hesitate to call! You're under no obligation to find out if  matchmaking is right for you!